I’m Dancing On My Own

I make the moves up as I go.
Hey Everyone I hope you are having a phenomenal week.
Mine has been really, unexpected.
Monday I spent most of the day meeting with Doctors in Taipei.
After much consultation it was decided that the best and safest course of action was for me to return to the states to receive medical treatment.
The decision did not come lightly.
So Tuesday I had my final time in Taiwan, had a nice district meeting, headed back into Taipei and had a really thoughtful dinner with the Mission President
Wednesday I boarded a plane at 11 and headed back in Time
Wednesday(in America) I got back to the land of the free and after some flight issues made it to Utah alive.
Thursday I went to the temple in Salt Lake and then received an honorable release from my service as a missionary in the Taiwan Taipei Mission.
Friday I went on some sick hikes with my dog.
Saturday I hit up Smith and Moorehouse and found a sweet rope swing and sent a back flip.
Sunday I went to church. I forgot how strange church is in English. Also, single’s wards…
I know that the our Father in Heaven has a plan for each of us.

I know that there is wisdom in all things.
God is a God of Miracles.
Don’t forget to pray.
I love you all.

​​Shake it Off (The old rope swing backflip trick)
Wáng Hēi Bào Zhǎnglǎo



Here I am

Rock you like a Hurricane.
This week was pretty mellow.
I was inside a lot because of… the weather.
We had a typhoon hit Taiwan.
Unfortunately for me (but to the appreciation of concerned mothers abroad) my apartment is super solid and we had nothing even remotely exciting happen during the Typhoon.
I have a lot to think about as of late, but i love you all.
in regards to the fall of Mark Antony:
Mark Antony had held securely in his hands the control of an entire world, and there was no one upon the earth with sufficient power to take it from him except himself. But every one of us has within his reach a world that is far more significant than the world which belonged to Mark Antony. There is no power in the universe that can come between us and the celestial kingdom, except our own power. Only Antony can conquer Antony.
Refuse to be conquered.

​(Guitar Solo)
Wáng Hēi Bào Zhǎnglǎo


This World Keeps Spinning Faster

To a new disaster so I run to you.
(Not T. Swift, but still a good song)
Miracles, miracles, miracles!
That’s what life is, a constant stream of miracles.
I forget who exactly said it, and the paraphrase is nowhere near as eloquent as the source quote, but remember:
We cannot be so vain to assume that we will wake up in the morning after we have touched our pillows at night.
Isn’t that kinda morbid but totally awesome?
The little things, or the things that are actually huge, that we so often take for granted are huge miracles.
Your heart is thumping, continually pumping, your lungs respirating, blood circulating, cells, dividing, mitochondria being the power plant of the cell.
Every second, everyday, for a large majority of your mortal ministry upon the Earth, your existence stands as a witness that there is a loving and merciful Father in heaven.
Don’t forget to talk to him.

Monday was rad. I ran like 6 or seven miles through the streets of Yilan and along the river.
Tuesday we did missionary things and had some great opportunities to remember that not everything will happen according to what we want, but according to the Lord’s time.
Wednesday we had English class and biked to the church. It was like a 50km round trip ride.
Thursday we planned and did more stuff in Yilan. yay stuff. Miracles!
Friday we got an opportunity to see that sometimes your body doesn’t always do what you except it to do on its own.
Saturday we had a lot of study opportunities and the chance to focus on the Lord’s timing.
Sunday I got a huge bowl of curry (vegan) from a member who knew i liked curry. Miracles!!!!
So get out there!
Move mountains!
and thank the Lord every morning you wake up.
Thank the Lord you didn’t get hit by a train in your sleep ( heard of that happening, in a book)
Keep fighting the good fight.
Remember, trust in the Lord means trusting in his timing .

​I run to you.
Wáng Hēi Bào Zhǎnglǎo


Are We out of the Woods?

Are we out of the woods yet?
I think I technically surpassed my first death date on island. yahoo!?
Hey y’all I hope you are loving life and making awesome memories.
This is part 2 of the short week that happens from temple days.
Wednesday was super awesome I got to go to the Taiwan Taipei Temple and do some sweet service. After that I got to see my good friend Clark Robinson and some other rad missionaries and went up these Gondolas in Taipei.
Thursday I got to eat something with milk even though I asked the shop owner like four times if the stuff had dairy. Surprise!
Friday we got to go on exchanges with the District Leader and his comp and I were left to chuan the jiao (do missionary stuff)in Yilan. We got feng’d (stood up) but our peike (member present for the lesson) was rock solid so we just street contacted with him and he got the opportunity to give someone a book of Mormon and share a bit about why he was a member of the church.
Saturday we had lunch with the Vegan family and met more vegan people.
I am starting to think vegan-ism is like a secret brotherhood of people trying to infiltrate every level of society and government… but they are so nice and most do it out of a love for animals, so you know, it’s cool i guess.
Sunday was kinda a bummer because none of the investigators came to church.
But then again, neither did I… for reasons… (see Thursday)
I’m up to running 5 miles a day so that’s fun.
My companion is a stud and tries his hardest to not sandbag during exercises.

I love you all.
Pray for miracles.
Be instruments in the Lord’s hands this week.

​Are we in the clear, yet in the clear?

Wáng Hēi Bào Zhǎnglǎo


Now we Got Bad Blood

It’s the little things in life.
Monday we discovered a random hill in the middle of the Bowl of Yilan.
Naturally we got to the top and discovered a secret Miao (a Buddhist Temple)
Tuesday I was bummed because all the vegetables sold here are boiled or oiled.
Can’t we ever have just like a salad or something?
(They give me no fresh ingredients!)
Wednesday I said goodbye to Ted, my man from China.
Thursday I went to Taipei for a super chill training meeting.
They taught us how to save babies from burning buildings and how to train wild packs of dogs to carry books of mormon
Friday I ran a lot.
Saturday I biked like 30km through nothing but rice fields
Sunday it finally rained again. I’ve missed it.
Monday we met this Philipino lady and shared some stuff about jesus with her in Chinese and English.
Tuesday I was told by my mission President to have more fun.
I think that means I got permission to go surfing in Toucheng… 😀
I love you all.

We used to have mad love.​​

Wáng Hēi Bào Zhǎnglǎo


All I’ve Seen Since 18 Hours Ago

Is brown eyes and freckles and your smile in the back of my mind making me feel right.

Another awesome week has passed in Yilan.
I think I technically have less than a year left to be a missionary.
It’s a bummer.
So I just keep trying to be better than I was the day before.
Monday was pretty uneventful, i just checked out of the hospital and did mundane things,then missionary work.
Tuesday we went out to meet this member and he cancelled on us after we biked all the way out in the country to see him which was good because we realized that we were super far from home and had like 5 minutes to get home.
So we start following train tracks and are just booking it home, when I get this feeling to stop.
So we stop and all of the sudden this lady out of nowhere appears and is like, "Xinku Ni"
So naturally we stopped and taught her about the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Also, because we were technically in a lesson we had our curfew pushed back 30 minutes so we got home 8 seconds before we would technically be late.
Hooray for small miracles.
Wednesday we went to Taipei and met the new mission president. He is super cool.More importantly, he’s super loving. I’m excited to see how his leadership style differs from the previous.
Thursday we ran to meet someone, we just started running with a book of mormon in hand and didn’t stop til we said a prayer with this lady who was running too. It was probably different than most people’s usual method of meeting people,but it was still cool to meet someone and share the gospel.
Friday was really cool. This whole week everyone has been super HaiHao about meeting us because they thought a typhoon would come. Well, the typhoon came,and missed Yilan, so while everyone was locked up in home we got to go out and be missionaries and meet a ton of awesome people.
Saturday we met this super unique vegan family who wanted to hear the gospel just because I was vegan. They even told my companion they could tell he had less authority from God because he wasn’t merciful to animals. I had a hard time not laughing. They also had this super tasty vegan tofu-jerky they gave me. They said they wouldn’t come to church though unless the prophet said eating meet was a sin.
Sunday was cool right before we came home for the night we randomly met a member named Ted, he lives between China and Taiwan for work. He wants to take me surfing. It’s hilarious to seem my comp squirm when he suggests it.haha.
He’s great guy though.
I love you all.
Sorry if the email is kinda cagey, my space bar doesn’t work and the computer keeps crashing.
Send it.

​​​​All I know is a simple name, everything has changed.

Wáng Hēi Bào Zhǎnglǎo


I’m not a Princess

This ain’t a fairy tale.
But some crazy stuff has been happening!
Monday I spent the day trying to find a new bike to buy, which was super fun…
I have a sick new bike though. For clarification, it is NOT a fixie.
Tuesday we celebrated Taco Tuesday!!! over the last few weeks we have been procuring strange things like tortillas, hot sauce, and other goodness and celebrated with some homemade tacos, complete with home brewed horchata. It was so good.
Wednesday we had a totally awesome English Class with this one kid who was super rad and had really good English.
Thursday we saw a pretty cool miracle when we were feng’d (kinda ditched by an investigator we had set up with) so we went to the mall where we normally met him, hoping he had just forgotten we had scheduled for a different venue. But, to no avail, he was not there. As we walked around with a few prayers in our heart we happened across an awesome young woman and ended up talking to her for a bit, taught her how to pray and gave her a Book of Mormon. It was rad.
Friday we had a baptismal service and the girl we met the night before came to that so we had a super awesome time teaching her about baptism
Saturday was kinda haihao because I was feeling a bit under the weather…
Sunday was cut short because I had to go to the hospital. I’m fine. Really. It was just a bummer because I had to stay overnight and stuff. But it was super inexpensive.
This week was pretty rad and its crazy to think of all the small miracles the Lord puts in our way for our own learning and growth.
I love you all.

​It’s [never] too late for you and your white horse to come around.
Wáng Hēi Bào Zhǎnglǎo