Flirtatious, Irresistible

The Title has no real connection to the contents of the email.
Just a general reminder of who I am 😉

Tuesday: P day was cool. Had to drop off a missionary who was finally
leaving for Brazil after a whole year of visa waiting. I hope Taiwan
isn’t as bad as that. Ate at this burger place call scruds and ate a
huge burger and wrote my name on the wall.

Wednesday: went on companion exchanges and ended up in Morgan, this
totally chill farm community. I got to chase a bunch of sheep and some
chickens. I got chased by some buffalo. I met a pig that kept trying
to bite me. Stupid pig… But it was cool meeting other missionaries
and new people who could use the gospel.

Thursday: got back from exchanges and got to teach some people about
the good book. Lots of work. It was dope. My companion is super dope
he’s a wizard at drawing and writing.

Friday: Ogden had a mission conference, which is where all the
missionaries in the area get together and get help teaching and stuff.
It was kinda cool I guess. It took like most of the day so that kinda
bummed me out because I’d rather be helping and teaching people, but I
guess it is good occasionally to refocus and hone teaching skills.

Saturday:I was able to welcome people at a baptism which was cool
because I got an English name tag. taught some people, met a new guy
who wants to learn more about the gospel rained a bunch. I love the
rain. Cool day.

Sunday: taught in primary(the children’s Sunday school class) about
how we can all be missionaries.
We ask how we can help others. This kid completely deadpan just
says,"buy people turtles". He’s got a gift. Turtles are total hood
rats. We also got to have

Monday: I got a ukulele! For reasons… I got to spend like three
hours chopping logs. it was awesome I can’t wait to get to Taiwan and
clear rice fields, and no I’m not being racist, they have rice fields
there, nerds…

I’m loving it out here. It’s so nice to be actually helping people,
not just sitting around in Provo talking about it. The people are
usually pretty nice. We get fed wayyyy too much. I’m stoked for
General Conference this next week and invite anyone who doesn’t know
what it is to look it up on and watch it this weekend. I’m
still excited for Taiwan although I haven’t been able to use the
language at all here so it will be a fun transition once I’m out of
Utah. Keep fighting the good fight. I’m grateful for the constant
support and love. You guys are the best. I love you all.

​Establish a uniform when rolling with your boys.

Wáng Zhǎnglǎo



The Field is White!

Wassup guys!

This week was insane!
I’m going to deviate from my normal breakdown to tell you a cool story.

So after going through close to 1000 companions I found myself assigned to be the companion of Elder Green, one of my roommates.
I was happy, but it kinda weighed on me because I really wanted to be in the field.
Anyway, Friday rolled around and I have a doctor’s appointment and learned I was finally able to leave, so after a few more meetings I discovered I had an hour to pack before they threw me on a train up to Ogden.
I got to Ogden just in time to participate in the Youth Culture celebration for the Ogden Temple re dedication.
​It’s interesting , in the celebration they talked about how some people (mormons, I guess) used to say you can’t go anywhere without going to Ogden first.

​I guess they heard about it over in Taiwan, because I’m here now, just chilling with the homies.
On Sunday I ran into the Hohoshes, two senior missionaries who I met while they served a mission in the West Point area. After a dinner appointment fell through I found myself eating dinner at the Hohosh’s and enjoying some great company. While At dinner I got to also see the Hales family, a family from the ​West Point
who sponsored me while I was at the Academy.
The opportunity to finally be in the field has lifted my spirits immensely.
For a while I was pretty down and kinda weak, just feeling sorry for myself.
But the world is a cool place. The Lord was just making me stronger, and possibly a little better looking.

I testify that God answers prayers, and wants all of his children to be happy.
This gospel is a gospel of hope.
I’m glad the Lord trusts a bunch of kids to go and preach his good news.

​Now in English :D​

Wáng Zhǎnglǎo


97,920 Minutes Down

星期一: I traveled to West Campus and ate real food with my companion. It’s all about enjoying the little things in life. Participated in Middle Part Monday with the zone and had a good time looking super fresh with a middle part.

星期二: Chill Doctor’s Visit

星期三: Waited on Lab Results

星期四:Received Temporary state side mission call, but then didn’t go because of health reasons. Spoke to a doctor who spent nine years as a SF medic before he worked as a regular guy. He was super dope.

星期五: Said goodbye to some people from the district and went to get an EGD. Woke up from the general anesthesia and spoke in Chinese for a good 20 minutes to my companion and Elder Huntsman. Apparently I was saying some pretty dope stuff. Kept talking about cutting wedding cake with a sword. Good times.
Also said this a few times… 我會讓我的天使變得我的太太
I was acting pretty kane. >.<

星期六: More people left, i slept a lot, and played soccer under the stars with my companion.

星期天: Just chilled. Another Sunday. Church. Devotional. Church movie about pioneers and stuff. The usual.

The days have gotten a bit monotonous, especially with the departure of all my Taiwan homies. I have spent some time growing with some really dope people and I’m happy that they were finally able to leave. I said farewell to my first companion this morning, I’m going to miss him, but I know the Lord needs him to send it somewhere super awesome.
This week will mark my 10.5th week at the MTC and effectively make me an old man on campus…
On Wednesday I become a solo missionary and kinda stop existing as a real person…
Just kidding.
But seriously, pray for me, just so I don’t get cynical.
Also, if you could pray that I stay good looking that would be appreciated.

Don’t forget, heroes get remembered, but legends never die.
Follow your heart and you’ll never go wrong.

Be a rebel without a cause.


Wáng Zhǎnglǎo


Another Week in the MTC

星期一: Was super amped to leave, everything was closed so nothing major happened.

星期二: Re-signed visa paperwork

星期三: Nothing really…

星期四:Ten hours before departure I was informed that I would not be going to Taiwan anytime in the foreseeable future. The news was pretty disappointing, but you know, whatever.

星期五: The disappointment continued and I was informed it would be quite some time before I found myself in Taiwan.

星期六: I was really sick…

星期天: After a really long night of minimal sleep I awoke feeling something I didn’t expect to. I felt Hope.

This past week was markedly empty. Spiritually, physically, emotionally.
I lost my teachers at the end of last week and was reassigned temporary teachers. However, they were short on Mandarin teachers so we got a Cantonese instructor. It felt like they were just trying to baby sit us til we left.
Everything was just kinda of on hold as I the main focus was all the preparing to leave, there was an anxious energy in the air. Then I didn’t leave.
I was feeling pretty down.
Also, I have had some health complications these past few weeks and missed a lot of class because of it.
I felt myself at the end of my rope. I was angry at myself. Here I was, on a mission, feeling sorry for myself. Man I knew I was being stupid.
Everything seemed uncertain. I didn’t know how to take my trials.
Then I thought long and hard about what I should do. While pondering I asked myself:

What would Brian Boitano do
If he were here right now?
He’d make a plan and follow through
That’s what Brian Boitano would do

When Brian Boitano was in the olympics
Skating for the Gold
He did two Salchows and a triple Lutz
While wearing a blindfold.

It helped a little. But I knew if I wanted real help, I had to turn to the Lord.
While reading the good word I came across an old passage. I wish to share it with you now.

And as for the perils which I am called to pass through, they seem but a small thing to me, as the envy and wrath of man have been my common lot all the days of my life; and for what cause it seems mysterious, unless I was ordained from before the foundation of the world for some good end, or bad, as you may choose to call it. Judge ye for yourselves. God knoweth all thesethings, whether it be good or bad. But nevertheless, deep water is what I am wont to swim in. It all has become a second nature tome; and I feel, like Paul, to glory in tribulation; for to this day has the God of my fathers delivered me out of them all, and will deliver me from hence forth; for behold, and lo, I shall triumph over all my enemies, for the Lord God hath spoken it.

I know that we all have a purpose here on this Earth. Sometimes it is easy to lose sight of what we are doing here and what is important.
It’s at that time we need to just stop, take a knee, pull some security, and drink some water.

​Keep Fighting the Good Fight!

Wáng Zhǎnglǎo


Week -.5?


I hope everyone is having the dopest of American Holidays.
I hope you are healthy and strong, and that people compliment you on your good looks every day!
This week was pretty chill, I guess.
The MTC is a novel experience, but one that I do not wish to repeat.

星期一:Just another P-Day. had a 30 minute skype appointment with a guy from Taiwan, talked and shared some scriptures about the gospel, way more productive than the previous skype appointment. Oh yeah, I also got over to West Campus and had real food, and some Jamba Juice. We saw real people, and didn’t have a stupid overhang over our head the whole time. It was nice to be in the "real world".

星期二: Another day another dollar. Tuesday night devotional was cool. Spiritual and stuff

星期三: Elder Magera, one of my buddies from my Beast squad, came to the MTC.

星期四:We found out that our teachers would not be finishing with us because they are students at BYU and their semester started this week. So we had our last lessons with our old teachers :/ Also, I finally got Sister Tanner (one of my teachers) to tell us how she met her husband. It was a chill story that gives me hope for the future and stuff. Also, she is Canadian, and she is afraid of the dark. I guess HIMYM was right.

星期五:Straight burgled. We had Infield Orientation, which is this full day seminar preparing outbound missionaries to go into the real world. After a day of everyone getting super stoked to be in the field they call up everyone going to Taiwan and tell us that we are most likely not leaving on the 5th due to Visa problems. I’m still hopeful I’ll leave, but you know, whatever.

星期六:We had our new teachers, they are cool I guess. We had a party as a district Saturday night to celebrate possibly our last Saturday together.

星期天:Another Sunday, the three zones (roughly thirty outbound missionaries) in our branch sang How Great Great Thou Art, so that was cool. Another day of a bunch of church, and an evening devotional.

Soooooo, I actually missed a lot of class this week because my companion has been really sick. On the plus side, I’ve been able to write a lot of stuff and learn some more Mandarin.

Also, you may here rumors I was sick… Don’t believe them. I’m not capable of getting sick.

​When Rolling in the Hood, Roll Deep.


Wáng Zhǎnglǎo


Week -1.5


I hope this email finds everyone in good spirits 😀

Life has been pretty chill the past week.

My companion and I continue to be extremely good looking.

I should only have 11 days left in the United States (MTF)

星期一: Was actually kinda a bummer. My companion and I had a 40 minute skype appointment with some guy who lives in Taiwan. He was laughing whenever we said anything in Chinese, so then my companion would laugh, so I would laugh. Didn’t really feel the spirit at all, but he seemed like a nice guy. Also, he took a picture of the chat and ended up running into Elder Cook (my Air Force homie from the MTC who is now down range) and he ended up showing Elder Cook the picture of us, so that was pretty dope.)

One of my thuggs left super early Tuesday morning so I wrote her the classiest of letters on parchment with my super legit fountain pen. I don’t rightly know how the letter was received, but I imagine it was appreciated, because the penmanship was on point.

星期二: Made me laugh. A good friend of mine in another zone was dummy corded to his companion because his leadership felt that would help him learn to stay with his companion… I thought it was stupid, like really stupid, so I walked into his classroom, pulled out the good book, quoted Ezra 9:9, and said, "Elder Perkins, God hath not forsaken us in our bondage." I then quoted some modern day scripture and told him, "The Lord God will not suffer one man to be bond to another. As a representative of the Lord Jesus Christ I free you from your captivity." I then pulled out a knife and went to cut the flaxen cord which imprisoned my homie. But then everybody in the room got all indignant and stuff. It was good fun. I guess the knife scared them… nerds. But when they went to tell on me for having a knife the leadership said that having a knife isn’t against the rules, and then they asked who thought it was a smart idea to tie two people together… (mwhahaha that’s what happens when you are a NARC)

星期三: For the past three weeks my companion and I have had our own room. Wednesday we ended up getting three new roommates. In preparation for the new roommates I got everyone in the zone to convince them that I was the most terrible human being they ever met. (I even got the teacher they had to say he heard stories about me)

Anyway, Wednesday night was hilarious. After all the hype my companion walks up and tells em to just be patient with me because I’m most likely getting kicked out. I start banging on the door, yelling, using some bible approved curse words, just making a scene. I got into a few arguments right in front of them, I got "counseled" by the zone leaders, I yelled at people to leave the room… It was a good time.

But the ZL’s felt that if I didn’t tell the truth they would have a legitimate struggle, so I stopped the charade and just bro’ed out with them for a bit. They are pretty awesome dudes.

星期四: Straight Absurd. We got our travel plans (Which was dope!)
But like ten minutes later this guy from higher says we are leacing a week later due to Visa issues. Then some guys go to the travel office to ask what was wrong. The travel office said nothing was wrong. Then it became a huge game of he said she said and no real answer was given as to whether or not we are leaving on the 5th. But either way, I’m leaving Provo on the 5th.


星期五: Nothing really happened. We were teaching one of our investigators about Church and stuff and my companion started hitting on her, and asked her on a date in two years. It’s cool though because she was actually our teacher… She said now, he’s convinced she’s just playing hard to get.

星期六:I was pretty stupid. I know, you could never see me doing anything foolish. The food here isn’t the greatest. So to kill the monotony we get creative with the food. Saturday night last week was the Chimmie Challenge, where people tried to eat a bunch of nasty chimichangas. They didn’t do Chimmie night, instead they had a bunch of jello. So, I did the jello challenge. I ended up killing 10 full cups of this nasty blue jello. But I have the high score of 9.5 cups before my body rejected the poor quality food. But after that i went back and finished the half cup that robbed me of a perfect night. RLTW. Airborne. Hooah…?

星期天: Just another Sunday. Like a million hours of church and study. The Sunday Night Devotional had the head of the MTCs cracking jokes, but it was a great message on repentance and redemption through Jesus Christ.

It’s been raining the past few days, which is great. Helps me remember the beauty of the Earth.

Mormon-y Spiritual Stuff: The gospel of Jesus Christ is about perfecting human beings. It’s only through the example of Jesus Christ and his atoning sacrifice that we can hope to become more than we are now. This is a gospel of hope. God loves everyone. It is because of that love that we are given his word, to know how to draw closer and return to him.

Soooo that’s all I’ve got. This is my last full week in Utah, so I’m pretty stoked about that. Taiwan is going to be super dope.

​Stay Strapped.

​Ài, Wáng Zhǎnglǎo


Week… 6? 7?… 60?

Whaddup family and friends 😀

I’m still in Provo…


This week was pretty sweet.

I am slowly learning more of the language, one character at a time.
I stopped thinking in spanish while learning chinese, so that was nice.
I never realized how much I spanish i knew until i was asking questions about chinese in spanish.
Gym time is still way too short, but I’ll be in the field soon enough and be biking everyday so I’m really looking forward to that.
(~690 days til surf season)

I was feeling kinda bummed the other day because I was being a little nancy and bumming for not being in the field.
Then I remembered what my brother, Elder Cook always told me as I ran by him: "Don’t suck."
I realized that I was in one of the dopest places I could be in my life, and I needed to stop feeling sorry for myself, also, even though the food is terrible I’m still really good looking.

So with a renewed sense of purpose I stopped feeling sorry for myself and decided to be awesome instead.

My companion and I are still maintaining the status of most attractive and humble missionary companionship at the MTC. We were doing backflips off the roof the other day so that was cool.

I’m still looking for 天使們.

I spoke to a total homie about the Corona Arch the other day and got super stoked thinking about jumping off it again post mission.

Also, I got my Mandarin name tags on Saturday, suuuupppppper stoked for Tawian.

Nothing else is really going on.
I have 19 days before the real adventure begins 😀

Also I know affirmation for 2016 was this weekend.
If you are in contact with any of the academy homies, send my regards.
Especially the prepstars. and the Old IronHorse

I love you guys.
Let me know if you need anything from me.

Wáng Zhǎnglǎo


P.S. I decided to start taking photos of stuff, because it reminds me of the beauty in the world, sooo… enjoy.