Week -.5?


I hope everyone is having the dopest of American Holidays.
I hope you are healthy and strong, and that people compliment you on your good looks every day!
This week was pretty chill, I guess.
The MTC is a novel experience, but one that I do not wish to repeat.

星期一:Just another P-Day. had a 30 minute skype appointment with a guy from Taiwan, talked and shared some scriptures about the gospel, way more productive than the previous skype appointment. Oh yeah, I also got over to West Campus and had real food, and some Jamba Juice. We saw real people, and didn’t have a stupid overhang over our head the whole time. It was nice to be in the "real world".

星期二: Another day another dollar. Tuesday night devotional was cool. Spiritual and stuff

星期三: Elder Magera, one of my buddies from my Beast squad, came to the MTC.

星期四:We found out that our teachers would not be finishing with us because they are students at BYU and their semester started this week. So we had our last lessons with our old teachers :/ Also, I finally got Sister Tanner (one of my teachers) to tell us how she met her husband. It was a chill story that gives me hope for the future and stuff. Also, she is Canadian, and she is afraid of the dark. I guess HIMYM was right.

星期五:Straight burgled. We had Infield Orientation, which is this full day seminar preparing outbound missionaries to go into the real world. After a day of everyone getting super stoked to be in the field they call up everyone going to Taiwan and tell us that we are most likely not leaving on the 5th due to Visa problems. I’m still hopeful I’ll leave, but you know, whatever.

星期六:We had our new teachers, they are cool I guess. We had a party as a district Saturday night to celebrate possibly our last Saturday together.

星期天:Another Sunday, the three zones (roughly thirty outbound missionaries) in our branch sang How Great Great Thou Art, so that was cool. Another day of a bunch of church, and an evening devotional.

Soooooo, I actually missed a lot of class this week because my companion has been really sick. On the plus side, I’ve been able to write a lot of stuff and learn some more Mandarin.

Also, you may here rumors I was sick… Don’t believe them. I’m not capable of getting sick.

​When Rolling in the Hood, Roll Deep.


Wáng Zhǎnglǎo



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