Week… 6? 7?… 60?

Whaddup family and friends 😀

I’m still in Provo…


This week was pretty sweet.

I am slowly learning more of the language, one character at a time.
I stopped thinking in spanish while learning chinese, so that was nice.
I never realized how much I spanish i knew until i was asking questions about chinese in spanish.
Gym time is still way too short, but I’ll be in the field soon enough and be biking everyday so I’m really looking forward to that.
(~690 days til surf season)

I was feeling kinda bummed the other day because I was being a little nancy and bumming for not being in the field.
Then I remembered what my brother, Elder Cook always told me as I ran by him: "Don’t suck."
I realized that I was in one of the dopest places I could be in my life, and I needed to stop feeling sorry for myself, also, even though the food is terrible I’m still really good looking.

So with a renewed sense of purpose I stopped feeling sorry for myself and decided to be awesome instead.

My companion and I are still maintaining the status of most attractive and humble missionary companionship at the MTC. We were doing backflips off the roof the other day so that was cool.

I’m still looking for 天使們.

I spoke to a total homie about the Corona Arch the other day and got super stoked thinking about jumping off it again post mission.

Also, I got my Mandarin name tags on Saturday, suuuupppppper stoked for Tawian.

Nothing else is really going on.
I have 19 days before the real adventure begins 😀

Also I know affirmation for 2016 was this weekend.
If you are in contact with any of the academy homies, send my regards.
Especially the prepstars. and the Old IronHorse

I love you guys.
Let me know if you need anything from me.

Wáng Zhǎnglǎo


P.S. I decided to start taking photos of stuff, because it reminds me of the beauty in the world, sooo… enjoy.


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