97,920 Minutes Down

星期一: I traveled to West Campus and ate real food with my companion. It’s all about enjoying the little things in life. Participated in Middle Part Monday with the zone and had a good time looking super fresh with a middle part.

星期二: Chill Doctor’s Visit

星期三: Waited on Lab Results

星期四:Received Temporary state side mission call, but then didn’t go because of health reasons. Spoke to a doctor who spent nine years as a SF medic before he worked as a regular guy. He was super dope.

星期五: Said goodbye to some people from the district and went to get an EGD. Woke up from the general anesthesia and spoke in Chinese for a good 20 minutes to my companion and Elder Huntsman. Apparently I was saying some pretty dope stuff. Kept talking about cutting wedding cake with a sword. Good times.
Also said this a few times… 我會讓我的天使變得我的太太
I was acting pretty kane. >.<

星期六: More people left, i slept a lot, and played soccer under the stars with my companion.

星期天: Just chilled. Another Sunday. Church. Devotional. Church movie about pioneers and stuff. The usual.

The days have gotten a bit monotonous, especially with the departure of all my Taiwan homies. I have spent some time growing with some really dope people and I’m happy that they were finally able to leave. I said farewell to my first companion this morning, I’m going to miss him, but I know the Lord needs him to send it somewhere super awesome.
This week will mark my 10.5th week at the MTC and effectively make me an old man on campus…
On Wednesday I become a solo missionary and kinda stop existing as a real person…
Just kidding.
But seriously, pray for me, just so I don’t get cynical.
Also, if you could pray that I stay good looking that would be appreciated.

Don’t forget, heroes get remembered, but legends never die.
Follow your heart and you’ll never go wrong.

Be a rebel without a cause.


Wáng Zhǎnglǎo



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