The Field is White!

Wassup guys!

This week was insane!
I’m going to deviate from my normal breakdown to tell you a cool story.

So after going through close to 1000 companions I found myself assigned to be the companion of Elder Green, one of my roommates.
I was happy, but it kinda weighed on me because I really wanted to be in the field.
Anyway, Friday rolled around and I have a doctor’s appointment and learned I was finally able to leave, so after a few more meetings I discovered I had an hour to pack before they threw me on a train up to Ogden.
I got to Ogden just in time to participate in the Youth Culture celebration for the Ogden Temple re dedication.
​It’s interesting , in the celebration they talked about how some people (mormons, I guess) used to say you can’t go anywhere without going to Ogden first.

​I guess they heard about it over in Taiwan, because I’m here now, just chilling with the homies.
On Sunday I ran into the Hohoshes, two senior missionaries who I met while they served a mission in the West Point area. After a dinner appointment fell through I found myself eating dinner at the Hohosh’s and enjoying some great company. While At dinner I got to also see the Hales family, a family from the ​West Point
who sponsored me while I was at the Academy.
The opportunity to finally be in the field has lifted my spirits immensely.
For a while I was pretty down and kinda weak, just feeling sorry for myself.
But the world is a cool place. The Lord was just making me stronger, and possibly a little better looking.

I testify that God answers prayers, and wants all of his children to be happy.
This gospel is a gospel of hope.
I’m glad the Lord trusts a bunch of kids to go and preach his good news.

​Now in English :D​

Wáng Zhǎnglǎo



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