Flirtatious, Irresistible

The Title has no real connection to the contents of the email.
Just a general reminder of who I am 😉

Tuesday: P day was cool. Had to drop off a missionary who was finally
leaving for Brazil after a whole year of visa waiting. I hope Taiwan
isn’t as bad as that. Ate at this burger place call scruds and ate a
huge burger and wrote my name on the wall.

Wednesday: went on companion exchanges and ended up in Morgan, this
totally chill farm community. I got to chase a bunch of sheep and some
chickens. I got chased by some buffalo. I met a pig that kept trying
to bite me. Stupid pig… But it was cool meeting other missionaries
and new people who could use the gospel.

Thursday: got back from exchanges and got to teach some people about
the good book. Lots of work. It was dope. My companion is super dope
he’s a wizard at drawing and writing.

Friday: Ogden had a mission conference, which is where all the
missionaries in the area get together and get help teaching and stuff.
It was kinda cool I guess. It took like most of the day so that kinda
bummed me out because I’d rather be helping and teaching people, but I
guess it is good occasionally to refocus and hone teaching skills.

Saturday:I was able to welcome people at a baptism which was cool
because I got an English name tag. taught some people, met a new guy
who wants to learn more about the gospel rained a bunch. I love the
rain. Cool day.

Sunday: taught in primary(the children’s Sunday school class) about
how we can all be missionaries.
We ask how we can help others. This kid completely deadpan just
says,"buy people turtles". He’s got a gift. Turtles are total hood
rats. We also got to have

Monday: I got a ukulele! For reasons… I got to spend like three
hours chopping logs. it was awesome I can’t wait to get to Taiwan and
clear rice fields, and no I’m not being racist, they have rice fields
there, nerds…

I’m loving it out here. It’s so nice to be actually helping people,
not just sitting around in Provo talking about it. The people are
usually pretty nice. We get fed wayyyy too much. I’m stoked for
General Conference this next week and invite anyone who doesn’t know
what it is to look it up on and watch it this weekend. I’m
still excited for Taiwan although I haven’t been able to use the
language at all here so it will be a fun transition once I’m out of
Utah. Keep fighting the good fight. I’m grateful for the constant
support and love. You guys are the best. I love you all.

​Establish a uniform when rolling with your boys.

Wáng Zhǎnglǎo



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