The Long and Winding Road

Man this week was super dope!
I have the privilege of attending the temple this week, so my Pday (and email day) was moved to Wednesday to coincide with the temple visit.

Monday: Went to this super touristy place called Juifun (sp, man english is a funny language) It was a good time, the view was spectacular.
Tuesday: Went on exchange to Neihu. Walked around a super chill lake and told people about the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Also, the catfish here look like jaguars. They have the coolest coloring.
Wednesday: We had a Halloween Party at English Class. We set up a photo booth and had some chill mustache cutouts for the photo booth.
Thursday: Our Carbon Monoxide detector went off 6 times in the middle of the night so we had to go to Neihu at 230 in the morning so didn’t die. It was a long day.
Friday: So it turns out we just had a bad unit. It went off another ten times after someone came to fix the gas issue. SO we borrowed the other missionaries detector and hoped we wouldn’t die. We didn’t.
Saturday: We had a chill baptismal service. Had some of our investigators come to see what it was all about. Just a great experience overall.
Sunday:Met two professors who were on a lecture circuit. doing PhD lecture series shenanigans. Super friendly. One was Puerto Rican, the other German. nice men.
Monday:I ended up going to the hospital. (No it wasn’t serious) Health care here is socialized, so any medical related thing means you go the hospital. It was a novel experience.
Tuesday: We do this thing called English boarding where we spend an hour a week just trying to invite people to our free English Class. I had a funny experience talking to this old Cantonese guy.

So the work is just accelerating here. We have some awesome people that are preparing themselves to receive the gospel. It’s awesome to see the transformative nature of redemption. Life is a garden, dig it.

​Never stop being Fierce.
Wáng Hēi Bào Zhǎnglǎo



Living it Up at the Hotel California

No real relation to the title this week..
Hey there everybody!
This week was insanely awesome.
Monday: P Day! Got to eat at this place called a 吃到飽( Chī dào bǎo)
It’s an all you can eat place that you get a bunch of meat you cook on a little grill. It was cool. We also went to a super dope Buddhist Temple.
Tuesday: We contacted a bunch of people at the local University, right on the beach!.
Wednesday: Each Wednesday we volunteer to help kids at the hospital it is a great experience. We also teach English Class on Wednesday, it is always a good time. We have a Halloween party this next week.
Thursday: Had some chill training and saw some of the MTC family. It was just a great day. Witnessed some miracles and met some great people.
Friday: Taught at the University again. It was sick, there was this homie walking around with no pants, he just owned the entire world. One day I want to be like that, just own the world and not have to wear pants. I also got to go on exchange with the Zone Leaders and spend a day in a different area.
Saturday: Got to help with the local Stake activity and won a dodge ball tournament. Sometimes being a missionary is just too hard 😉
Sunday: We had a bunch of investigators come to church which was awesome! We also got fed by the Wang Family, they are super cool, Brother and Sister Wang went on a mission to Shanghai they were so sick.

This week was awesome, Taiwan is a miraculous place to be. Jilung is super sick and I am so grateful for the opportunity to be a missionary here.
Also, I have a full name now:
It is a subtle nod to my heritage and the Brethren Court.

Just keep Chuán -ing the jiào.
Wáng Hēi Bào Zhǎnglǎo


When it Rains…

Precipitation falls from the sky…
You need to review principles of science…
Ahhhhh yeah!
This place is so sick!
It’s Monday right now, here in good old Taiwan.
After a three day infield training at the mission home in Taipei I was given my first companion, (My "Dad" is Elder Stewart, he is super sick. He did a year of ROTC at BYU so he’s good to work out with in the morning and we have a good time just chuanjiao-ing )
I have been assigned to serve in the Jilung district, in the Northeast part of the island, right on the coast. It is a bustling port city with a cool Hollywood-esque sign in the hills above it.
It is incredible! It rains daily, has some fun hills to pick up, and scream down on a bike.
There is a river that runs right through it, which makes for a great area to street contact people.
The streets are busy and make bike riding an epic adventure.
The food is super cheap, like McDonald’s is expensive.
I was able to watch conference this week. What a wonderful experience. I particularly appreciated the talk by Elder Robbins(?).
Fear no man. Let that be our mantra for the week. As You go forward in your day be bold and direct. Be loving, when people know you are loving you cannot be too bold. Be like a jaguar, just get out there and kill it. 😀
There are miracles that happen every day out here.
The work is an incredible opportunity to be a part of.
I really love this place, my companion, the people, and the experience.
But most of all, I love this gospel. I love that I get to tell people everyday about our Loving Heavenly Father and how we have the opportunity to return to him.
I love that I get to share with people how we can talk to him through prayer.
I’m humbled, that in a culture where God is not often acknowledged,
I can teach people to pray and witness the first time they have tried to communicate with God in their entire life.
This gospel is a gospel of Hope.
Never forget who you are, a beautiful son or daughter of God with untold potential.
Also, you are pretty good looking 😉
Keep fighting the good fight.
Thanks for reading.

BTW, this is me with my buddy Jay, his nickname is Stray Dog… He has a strangely American sense of humor so we get along really well.

​When forming a pack, sometimes you gotta start with the Stray dogs.

Wáng Zhǎnglǎo


We’re Not in Kansas Anymore…

Ahhhh I finally made it!

This place is so cool.
The people are great, I don’t understand about 98% of what they say, but who cares!
I found out on Thursday that I would be leaving the next day for Taiwan, I said some brief goodbyes and was on my way.
I arrived in Taiwan Saturday night, had an awesome Sunday, and now write you from the future!!!
We got to go on a sick run this morning to a dope park that is a national memorial for the first President of Taiwan. This place has the sickest culture and the people are super awesome.
I loved Ogden, but man I am so stoked to be here.
I hope everyone takes the opportunity to help someone today, it’s a good day to help people 😀
Keep fighting the good fight.

​Drink it in, looking’s for free, touchings gonna cost you

Wáng Zhǎnglǎo