Living it Up at the Hotel California

No real relation to the title this week..
Hey there everybody!
This week was insanely awesome.
Monday: P Day! Got to eat at this place called a 吃到飽( Chī dào bǎo)
It’s an all you can eat place that you get a bunch of meat you cook on a little grill. It was cool. We also went to a super dope Buddhist Temple.
Tuesday: We contacted a bunch of people at the local University, right on the beach!.
Wednesday: Each Wednesday we volunteer to help kids at the hospital it is a great experience. We also teach English Class on Wednesday, it is always a good time. We have a Halloween party this next week.
Thursday: Had some chill training and saw some of the MTC family. It was just a great day. Witnessed some miracles and met some great people.
Friday: Taught at the University again. It was sick, there was this homie walking around with no pants, he just owned the entire world. One day I want to be like that, just own the world and not have to wear pants. I also got to go on exchange with the Zone Leaders and spend a day in a different area.
Saturday: Got to help with the local Stake activity and won a dodge ball tournament. Sometimes being a missionary is just too hard 😉
Sunday: We had a bunch of investigators come to church which was awesome! We also got fed by the Wang Family, they are super cool, Brother and Sister Wang went on a mission to Shanghai they were so sick.

This week was awesome, Taiwan is a miraculous place to be. Jilung is super sick and I am so grateful for the opportunity to be a missionary here.
Also, I have a full name now:
It is a subtle nod to my heritage and the Brethren Court.

Just keep Chuán -ing the jiào.
Wáng Hēi Bào Zhǎnglǎo



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