The Long and Winding Road

Man this week was super dope!
I have the privilege of attending the temple this week, so my Pday (and email day) was moved to Wednesday to coincide with the temple visit.

Monday: Went to this super touristy place called Juifun (sp, man english is a funny language) It was a good time, the view was spectacular.
Tuesday: Went on exchange to Neihu. Walked around a super chill lake and told people about the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Also, the catfish here look like jaguars. They have the coolest coloring.
Wednesday: We had a Halloween Party at English Class. We set up a photo booth and had some chill mustache cutouts for the photo booth.
Thursday: Our Carbon Monoxide detector went off 6 times in the middle of the night so we had to go to Neihu at 230 in the morning so didn’t die. It was a long day.
Friday: So it turns out we just had a bad unit. It went off another ten times after someone came to fix the gas issue. SO we borrowed the other missionaries detector and hoped we wouldn’t die. We didn’t.
Saturday: We had a chill baptismal service. Had some of our investigators come to see what it was all about. Just a great experience overall.
Sunday:Met two professors who were on a lecture circuit. doing PhD lecture series shenanigans. Super friendly. One was Puerto Rican, the other German. nice men.
Monday:I ended up going to the hospital. (No it wasn’t serious) Health care here is socialized, so any medical related thing means you go the hospital. It was a novel experience.
Tuesday: We do this thing called English boarding where we spend an hour a week just trying to invite people to our free English Class. I had a funny experience talking to this old Cantonese guy.

So the work is just accelerating here. We have some awesome people that are preparing themselves to receive the gospel. It’s awesome to see the transformative nature of redemption. Life is a garden, dig it.

​Never stop being Fierce.
Wáng Hēi Bào Zhǎnglǎo



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