Come Sail Away

Come Sail Away with Me!!!
Anyway, this week was nothing short of a miracle.

Monday: Went fishing for my P Day activity and didn’t catch anything but little fish. Still nice to relax and unwind by the ocean to go head first into the rest of the week.
Tuesday: Nobody wanted to talk to us. It was crazy. Usually people are like " You are foreign and trying to speak my language, I’ll humor you." But NO ONE would even stop to talk to the two Americans. Then, BLAM! This guy from New Jersey walks by and starts chatting it up with us. He was super polite and just a pleasant guy. He renewed my faith in humanity.
Wednesday: We met this couple from Istanbul and helped them a bunch and then talked about the church in various parts of the world.
Thursday: We met with some people we have been teaching. It was awesome to answer their questions and see them grow as they had a personal desire to learn the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Friday: We had training for all the new people that came on island with me. It was a great experience.
Saturday: We were told to contact this guy who used to talk to the missionaries but when we called we found out he died a few years ago, but his family was interested in hearing about the gospel.
Sunday: I somehow ended up in the ward choir and am now half the tenor section. We sing in Chinese. That is all.

This week was great. One thing from the training that I really appreciated is something that I wish to share with you.
It was about being a missionary, but I feel the principle is something than can enrich all lives.

We often find that we are our own largest critics. As we come to the end of the day we see where we have fallen short and where we could have done something a little bit better.
As we try our hardest to be the best we can be we often find that we are faced with difficultly, trials, or adversity. We may find that as we are doing everything right we still see no success. We may ask ourselves, Why is it so hard?
It is at this time we must remember someone else once asked that question. Someone, much greater begged the same question as he was bearing the weight of the world. Christ himself was the perfect missionary, and by principle, the perfect human, our perfect example. One day he had thousands of followers, the next, he was asking his disciples if they too would abandon him. He being perfect still was intimately acquainted with the hardships and the trials that we all face.
We indeed may face our hard times but we can know that we never need to feel alone. For someone far greater is right there with us.
This gospel above all is a message of hope. It promises to mend the broken hearts, heal the afflicted, and provide eternal salvation and restitution to each and every soul who will follow the Savior of the World and trust in him.
Through Christ we can have hope for a better life and when life does get hard, we can know he has already been there.

​Seize the Day!


Wáng Hēi Bào Zhǎnglǎo



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