Sophomore Slump? Or Comeback of the Year?

So there I was, sitting in Jilung, and I get this phone call.

"Wei" I says.
"Is your refrigerator running?" a hollow voice on the other end of the phones jeers through the mouthpiece.
"I believe it is." I slyly respond.
"THEN YOU BETTER GO CATCH IT!" The heckler laughs as he hung up.
I was deeply puzzled and concerned over the cardiovascular achievements of my fridge so I journeyed home and to my surprise, it was right where I had left it.
Needless to say I was duped.
But now I’m back in Taiwan so it’s all insanely cool again.

(I think we all know that this isn’t what actually happened but for the sake of convenience and brevity this is the official tale as to why I departed Taiwan.
But on a more sincere note, I appreciate the amount of support I received while I was home and would like to express my sincerest gratitude for the love that helped me get back on island.
But more importantly, I’m Back! I’m a missionary again! Still! in Chinese! I am actually yelling this because I understand the use of punctuation!
Moving on,
I am now in Yilan, this super rad city on the East Coast that has a ton of rice fields and sits in this big ol’ mountain bowl. it’s rained a ton. I absolutely love it. I haven’t showered in like 4 days because I just drop soap in my pockets and let mother nature take care of the rest.
I’m riding an old busted sister bike right now while I wait for my bike to get shipped here from where it was in storage.
My companion Elder Gray is quite the nice fellow.
A wonderful chap indeed!
I am technically training again, meaning that I won’t be finished with training until my year mark. Also, Elder Gray came on Island after I left, so I’m older than him in both mission terms, and in real life. But it’s not bad. and not too weird.
The apartment has mold all over so we are spending most of P day cleaning the walls with bleach. Oh and I found a random guitar to play,so that’s fun.

Being Vegan in Taiwan is super difficult.
I’m probably just going to have to cook everything for myself.
But the members I’ve met are super supportive and understanding.
Also, the people love my name!
I’ve gotten a lot of laughs and conversation from people who can’t believe my name is "King Black Jaguar"

Sorry if my story telling isn’t all that great I have a lot I’m figuring out again.
But I love you!
You’re super awesome.

More than anything I’ve noticed that I completely love Taiwanese people.
People who a year ago, I never even thought about.
But being back I can’t help but just love each and every person I see.
The Lord enhances our capabilities and capacity to love more.
Pray to Love more.

Sorry, I don’t have any pictures yet, I’ve been mad busy but imagine that I’m smiling and reasonably good looking.

(Notice I said reasonably because I am super humble now as a missionary)
Wáng Hēi Bào Zhǎnglǎo



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