This slope is Treacherous

Hey there! I hope you are having the raddest day of your life!

Seriously, there is no reason to not have the most wonderful adventure of your life start right now!
Don’t even read this, you have to get out there!
(But if you decided to start your adventure with the words of a handsome missionary, I cannot stop you)
Monday was cool, I went with my trusty companion and district members to a temple above a lake.
Tuesday we had zone training, It was nice, but I’ll be honest I was just super jazzed to see my good old friend Elder Robinson. He’s Chinese is insanely good. He also happens to be in my old area Jilung, which is rad.
Wednesday we had English class and we taught a bunch of little ninos about neature.
I craftily drew a tree and said, " you can tell this is a tree by the way it is." I wish they knew my reference, but alas I was left to dwell on my craftiness alone.
Thursday we met this really cool person outside of the college, it was a miracle.
Freiday We found out an investigator who ditched us earlier in the week actually hadn’t ditched us but had entered the building in the back door, so we never saw him because we waited by the front door. So we… technically… ditched.. him… But we met with him and he was like "no worries, I guess God just needed you to meet another person so they could know that Jesus exists. His faith is awesome.
Saturday we found an all you can eat vegan place, for like 3 USD. it was crazy! and they actually had food i could eat which was nice.
Sunday we had dinner at a member’s house and he had the coolest dog that he adopted. I miss Boone.
Ya’ll should seriously read Mormon 9, especially if you aren’t Mormon.
But basically, God is a God of Miracles. Always has been, always will be.
Look for the miracles this week.
They are all around us.
Our very existence is a miracle.
I love you all.
Also, an HDR pic for your viewing pleasure.
Such vivid. Many pixel. Wow.

This path is reckless. and I like it.

Wáng Hēi Bào Zhǎnglǎo



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