Maybe You’re My Snowflake

And your eyes turn from green to gray in the winter so I’ll hold you in a cold place…
Time is such a funny thing.
This week was a trial. A beautiful, opportunity for growth and personal development.
Monday a bunch of really nice members took us to see the summer home for President Chiang. I found vines to climb. Still "hiked" on a paved path. Still haven’t found any cobras… Still looking though.
But, this journey let us strapped for time so we couldn’t buy groceries. Which is super hard for me because it is not easy to find vegan friendly food on island. Yeah… SO Tuesday I woke up early and gave myself a super brutal haircut. My head was hot. So i cut my hair. Now my head is not hot. So then I think about the fact I’m left with nothing to eat but outs and noodles.
Then the miracles started happening.
At lunch we randomly went out in search of food I can eat and randomly saw a member from the ward who said,
"Wang (Hei Bao) Zhanglao! I am so glad to see you. I was thinking about you today and thought about how annoying it must be for you to try to find food. So I made you some bread that you can eat. Here is a loaf."
Wednesday we had zone conference in Taipei so i had to skip breakfast to get on a bus to head to Taipei. Then the people buying food forgot to get things I could eat so the mission Assistants were like, "Hey Elder Wheeler here is money, go to the vegan restaurant across the street and buy yourself lunch.
Thursday I managed to revive our Rice Cooker (using the knowledge of my father, a leatherman, and some electrical tape)and just ate a bunch of rice.
Friday I was on exchanges and a member cooked us some food at his food stand and gave me fruits.
Saturday we had a ward party and there was NOTHING i could eat, expect for some watermelon. Then out of nowhere three members were like, "Hey Shui gu (that means handsome guy) (That is something that actually happens frequently, the Taiwanese as a culture are always complimenting me on my good looks.)(seriously.)(I know, you’re probably thinking the last thing i need is to be told I’m good looking, but it happens. A ton.) (Because I am. Good Looking. Really Good Looking) we knew it would be hard to get food, so we made you a few dishes specially while we cooked the other stuff." So i had dinner that night.
Sunday I went to church without eating and then some different members said, "Hey I saw you couldn’t eat much last night. Here’s some vegan noodles, curry, and bread I made last night especially for you."

It may be trivial to some, but it was really cool and meaningful to me knowing the Lord provided me with sustenance.

So I just want to say God is a God of Miracles.
Always has been.
Always will be.
Til the Life Juice Weeps.

​Maybe I’m in love when you wake me up.

Wáng Hēi Bào Zhǎnglǎo



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