Let’s Go to the Beach

Let’s go to the waves…
Time goes faster in Taiwan.
I think that is actually science.
Monday I went to the beach in Toucheng.
Toucheng is famous for the black beaches and sand, and has super good surfing. I wanted to surf sooo bad, so I’ll be sure to come back and bring a totally rad girl to shred some gnar with me, post mission.
Tuesday was pretty chill, I talked to this guy who lives in Toucgheng,surfs all day and teaches English at night. he had a rad mustache
Wednesday we had an English Party because it was the last week of the transfer. It was America themed.
Thursday we met this girl who was really nice but my companion thought she was a boy and struggled to ask her gender politely. It was entertaining. She was super cool though.
Friday i found this place that made vegan fried ice cream. its translation is ice cream coffin. It was super tasty.
Saturday this crazy lady was jumping in front of cars in traffic and tried to get me to hit her, but I was too quick and foiled her dastardly schemes. I successfully avoided hitting her… but the person behind me wrecked my bike.
Sunday I rode a sister bike that was left at the apartment and that broke when i was riding it…
SO now i need a new bike.
But life is still rad.
Love life.
Keep fighting the good fight.
Keep playing for keeps,
til the life juice weeps!

​Star ships were meant to fly!!!

Wáng Hēi Bào Zhǎnglǎo



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