I’m not a Princess

This ain’t a fairy tale.
But some crazy stuff has been happening!
Monday I spent the day trying to find a new bike to buy, which was super fun…
I have a sick new bike though. For clarification, it is NOT a fixie.
Tuesday we celebrated Taco Tuesday!!! over the last few weeks we have been procuring strange things like tortillas, hot sauce, and other goodness and celebrated with some homemade tacos, complete with home brewed horchata. It was so good.
Wednesday we had a totally awesome English Class with this one kid who was super rad and had really good English.
Thursday we saw a pretty cool miracle when we were feng’d (kinda ditched by an investigator we had set up with) so we went to the mall where we normally met him, hoping he had just forgotten we had scheduled for a different venue. But, to no avail, he was not there. As we walked around with a few prayers in our heart we happened across an awesome young woman and ended up talking to her for a bit, taught her how to pray and gave her a Book of Mormon. It was rad.
Friday we had a baptismal service and the girl we met the night before came to that so we had a super awesome time teaching her about baptism
Saturday was kinda haihao because I was feeling a bit under the weather…
Sunday was cut short because I had to go to the hospital. I’m fine. Really. It was just a bummer because I had to stay overnight and stuff. But it was super inexpensive.
This week was pretty rad and its crazy to think of all the small miracles the Lord puts in our way for our own learning and growth.
I love you all.

​It’s [never] too late for you and your white horse to come around.
Wáng Hēi Bào Zhǎnglǎo



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