This World Keeps Spinning Faster

To a new disaster so I run to you.
(Not T. Swift, but still a good song)
Miracles, miracles, miracles!
That’s what life is, a constant stream of miracles.
I forget who exactly said it, and the paraphrase is nowhere near as eloquent as the source quote, but remember:
We cannot be so vain to assume that we will wake up in the morning after we have touched our pillows at night.
Isn’t that kinda morbid but totally awesome?
The little things, or the things that are actually huge, that we so often take for granted are huge miracles.
Your heart is thumping, continually pumping, your lungs respirating, blood circulating, cells, dividing, mitochondria being the power plant of the cell.
Every second, everyday, for a large majority of your mortal ministry upon the Earth, your existence stands as a witness that there is a loving and merciful Father in heaven.
Don’t forget to talk to him.

Monday was rad. I ran like 6 or seven miles through the streets of Yilan and along the river.
Tuesday we did missionary things and had some great opportunities to remember that not everything will happen according to what we want, but according to the Lord’s time.
Wednesday we had English class and biked to the church. It was like a 50km round trip ride.
Thursday we planned and did more stuff in Yilan. yay stuff. Miracles!
Friday we got an opportunity to see that sometimes your body doesn’t always do what you except it to do on its own.
Saturday we had a lot of study opportunities and the chance to focus on the Lord’s timing.
Sunday I got a huge bowl of curry (vegan) from a member who knew i liked curry. Miracles!!!!
So get out there!
Move mountains!
and thank the Lord every morning you wake up.
Thank the Lord you didn’t get hit by a train in your sleep ( heard of that happening, in a book)
Keep fighting the good fight.
Remember, trust in the Lord means trusting in his timing .

​I run to you.
Wáng Hēi Bào Zhǎnglǎo



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