Here I am

Rock you like a Hurricane.
This week was pretty mellow.
I was inside a lot because of… the weather.
We had a typhoon hit Taiwan.
Unfortunately for me (but to the appreciation of concerned mothers abroad) my apartment is super solid and we had nothing even remotely exciting happen during the Typhoon.
I have a lot to think about as of late, but i love you all.
in regards to the fall of Mark Antony:
Mark Antony had held securely in his hands the control of an entire world, and there was no one upon the earth with sufficient power to take it from him except himself. But every one of us has within his reach a world that is far more significant than the world which belonged to Mark Antony. There is no power in the universe that can come between us and the celestial kingdom, except our own power. Only Antony can conquer Antony.
Refuse to be conquered.

​(Guitar Solo)
Wáng Hēi Bào Zhǎnglǎo



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